VITAFEMME™ 2-A-DAY is ideally suited for today’s active woman. VITAFEMME gives you all of the essential vitamins you need and with key nutrients in 7 unique functional blends. We have included key ingredients like ginseng and echinacea to help support your immune system. In addition, VITAFEMME has 150% your daily value of vitamin C in two highly bioavailable forms; 200% vitamin D; and 500 mg of bone-healthy calcium.

Advanced protection against rapid aging is crucial to good health. VITAFEMME 2-A-DAY comes complete with High-ORAC antioxidants to protect against excessive free radical damage. VITAFEMME comes complete with a high-polyphenol green tea extract, 95% grape seed extract, pomegranate extract and red wine extract!

There are 7 functions in all that make VITAFEMME™ 2-A-DAY such a unique and complete vitamin and nutrient system.

1. FEMESSENSE: 10 Essential Vitamins giving you 100% of your daily recommended intake

2. AGENTACT-F: A system of 5 Antioxidant Nutrients

3. COGNISENSE: 3 Mental Focus and Support Nutrients

4. METAFEMME: 2 Key Nutrients that Support the body’s Metabolic Function

5. IMMUBOOST: 4 Primary Defense Nutrients that help Support your Immune System

6. LIBRAFLEX: 500 mg of Calcium, 200% Vitamin D & MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin Joint Support

7. FEMREPLEN: 4 Nutrient Mineral Complex to supply Chelated Key Minerals for Maximum Absorption

VITAFEMME™ is easy.

You simply take two tablets once a day with a meal and you’re good. One look at our label will tell you that you are getting everything you need and more! Complete and custom built for today’s healthy and active woman.

ALLMAX VITAFEMME 2-A-DAY is available in 60 tablets for a full month’s supply.

Features & Benefits

  • 7 Unique Functional Blends
  • Vitamin C in Two Highly Bioavailable Forms
  • 150% Vitamin C
  • 500 mg of Bone-Healthy Calcium
  • 200% Vitamin D

1. What is VITAFEMME?

VITAFEMME is ideally suited for today’s active woman. VITAFEMME gives you all of the essential vitamins you need, with key nutrients in 7 unique functional blends.

2. How do I take VITAFEMME?

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily after breakfast (1st meal of the day). Stay well hydrated. Do not exceed 2 capsules within 24 hours.

3. Do I need to take anything else with VITAFEMME?

VITAFEMME is complete; it gives you everything you need for optimal health. You can stack this product with protein powders and other amino acid supplements.